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Why Yahoo is not receiving emails on Android or IOS device?? Get it fixed!!

Yahoo mail is becoming one of the most widely used webmail portals all over the globe. Day by day, yahoo is upgrading its features to better the experience of their users. Now, users can easily send or receive their emails by their Smartphone. They already developed mail application for iOS and Android. If users are not able to receive emails while using the Yahoo app on their Android or IOS device, then they can take following measures to fix the issue.

Steps to resolve most issues in the Yahoo Mail app for your Android or iOS device

First, you need to check that if Yahoo mail is working properly on your computer system or not. If yes, then there must be the problem with your Android apps. You need to try the following solutions.

·         You need to update the app

Make sure that you are using an updated version of the Yahoo app on your Android device. If not, then you need to update its current version. By performing, this may be your problem is fixed.

·         You need to log out and log in back into the app

Sometimes the connection between your account and the app is gone. You must need to log in back into establishing the connection again.
Ø  You can try to sign out and then logging back into the Yahoo Mail app for iOS. Maybe it will fix the issue.
Ø  You can try to sign out and then logging back into the Yahoo Mail app for Android. May it will fix your issue.

·         Uninstall and reinstall the app

Sometimes, by uninstalling and reinstalling a new version of the Yahoo application can fix your issues which you are facing. You can install a fresh version of the Yahoo app from Google play store for Android and from apple store for iOS.

·         Issue with Android mail Sign in

If you are facing issues while connecting your Yahoo app with android then you need to remove your Yahoo Mail account and set up a Yahoo mail on Android or IOS device again to fix the issue.

·         Maybe due to connection problems

Ensure that your device is connected well to the internet. If not, then the issue will come. 

·         Issue while using outlook

You can also setup Yahoo Account in Outlook App on iOS or Android device also. If you face any issue while using the Yahoo app in outlook then you need to update your outlook. Maybe by updating Outlook, your issue can be fixed. If the issue still persists, then you need to make a connection with IT expertise or need to give a call on an autonomous Yahoo toll-free number for an instant solution.
These are some issues with their troubleshooting solution which you may face while using the Yahoo app on your Smartphone. After performing these steps, if the issue still occurs then you need to visit Yahoo helpdesk page for assistance.


chrislien said…
I'm facing the same issue in my account but with the help of this information, I got connected with yahoo support team and get solve my issue. Thanks for sharing this post.
Andrew Brown said…
Nice article, Easy to Understand
Austin Walker said…
this article is easy to understand why yahoo mail app is showing problems in sending mails , thanks for sharing this article
rionaa.charle said…
Such an informative blog. Thanx for sharing!
Aleena Ghose said…
Really appreciating and thanks for sharing relevant and useful stuff with us. It surely will help a lot of people who are facing a problem like this.
John Smith said…
its really good and helpful but can you please tell me that how can I enter port number while configuring yahoo mail in iOS?
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
yahoo mail stucks sometimes when server don't respond and mails don't load
vikki kumar said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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